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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Personals jargon

I've been reading some personal ads, and learning the jargon. They use funny terms like chemistry and drama. Here is what I have decoded so far.

Curvy is one of many euphemisms for a fat woman. Another is BBW. I am not sure what BBW stands for, but I think it is Big B. Woman where the 2nd B stands for some body part. People usually conceal their negative factors, but many woman find a way to disclose that they are overweight. Sometimes they'll give a weight or a dress size.

420 friendly means a marijuana smoker who wants to date another smoker.

LTR means Long Term Relationship. Usually it means marriage, but people are reluctant to mention marriage.

NSA means No Strings Attached. This means a casual encounter, the opposite of an LTR.

Chemistry means sexual excitement. Some women highly value the sexual part of the relationship, and some don't. The ones that do usually put the word "chemistry" somewhere in the ad.

Drama refers to stories about personal problems. Some people want to hear them, and some don't. A woman who commonly blows situations out of proportion might be called a "drama queen".

Baggage means leftover problems from past relationships.

There are a couple of terms that I haven't figured out yet. Some women say "no games", and yet they seem to want to play games as much as everyone else. I guess they prefer some types of games over some other types, but I'm not sure what.

Another odd phrase is "partner in crime". I thought that maybe it means that they do illegal drugs or like wild adventures or something like that, but I cannot seem to get a straight answer from anyone.