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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My hair secret

A woman on a date complimented me on my hair a couple of times. She appeared to like my haircut, as well as the way it was combed. I told her my secret. I let an 8-year-old girl cut my hair, and I only comb it about once a week.

"So you just don't care how you look?", she asked.

Yes, I do care. I am very vain. I used to goto hair stylists and to blow-dry my hair every day, but no one ever complimented me on my hair. Now I've discovered the formula for impressing women. An 8-year-old girl has a better sense of how hair should look than I do. I just put her in charge of my hair, and I get more compliments than I ever did before.

I don't know why my date asked me if I don't care. If she thought that my hair looked good, then why wouldn't she give me credit for how I look? Next time, I will keep my secret to myself.

Actually, I am just lazy. I drive a convertible. No matter how I comb it, the wind blows it out of place. I got tired of combing my hair every time I get out of the car. And home haircuts are a lot more convenient than going to a barber.