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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Running over with a Mercedes

I just went on a blind date with a woman. She seemed nice, except when brought up the story of Clara Harris who was convicted of running over and killing her husband with a Mercedes a couple of years ago.

My date said that she would not have been able to serve on the jury at the trial. She said that she felt like running over her husband when he ditched her for a much younger girlfriend, and she could understand backing up and running over him repeatedly. She said that the therapist assured her that the affair would not last, and the therapist was right, but she still couldn't vote to convict Clara Harris.

Why was she telling me this? Was she trying to alienate me?!

Actually, she appeared to have a quite good relationship with her ex-husband, and they cooperate very well in the rearing of their two kids. I am always impressed when people are able to get along with their ex-spouses.