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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Make sure it lasts 20 seconds

SF paper reports:
For all women -- and those who love them -- she offers a tip.

Research shows that the female brain naturally releases oxytocin after a 20-second hug. The embrace bonds the huggers and triggers the brain's trust circuits. So Brizendine advises, don't let a guy hug you unless you plan to trust him.

"And if you do," she said, "make sure it lasts 20 seconds."

A few neurological differences between women and men from Louann Brizendine's "The Female Brain":

Thoughts about sex enter women's brains once every couple of days; for men, thoughts about sex occur every minute.

Women use 20,000 words per day; men use 7,000 per day.

Women excel at knowing what people are feeling; men have difficulty spotting an emotion unless someone cries or threatens bodily harm.

Women remember fights that a man insists never happened.

Women over 50 are more likely to initiate divorce.
I went on several dates with a woman, and I think that it was a mistake to hug her for 20 seconds. Now she trusts me way too much!

On the last date, I was making out with her when her cat demanded to get fed. I said, "the cat can wait". She then launched into a tirade about how I was a control freak.

The odd thing is that she is one of the more controlling women I have ever dated. Just on that date, she had told me when to show up, what to do, where to sit, how to groom myself, what to eat, and what possessions to sell. I was passively cooperating, but it is now clear that there is no way to please her anyway.

Monday, August 07, 2006

How feminism destroyed real men

UK newspaper essay:
The truth is, a real man doesn't care what any woman thinks of him. He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him: he answers solely to his spirit.

Real men don't pretend or even try to understand women. They simply love them for being the mysterious, capricious creatures that they are. And they don't take them too seriously, either. They know the vicissitudes of the female mind, its constant insecurities and the fluctuations in mood.

Rather than pander to them, they simply watch them drift by like so many clouds on the horizon. They don't get entangled in a woman's feelings and listen to her prattling on and on until she's talked herself out. Such strong and stoic men are exactly what women need to anchor themselves amid the chaos of their emotions. ...

My wife is older and more successful than I am, but the bedroom has always been the arena in which I have brought her down to earth.

The female orgasm is the natural mechanism by which men assert dominion over women: a man who appreciates this can negotiate whatever difficulties arise in his relationships with them. ...

I don't believe in working on relationships and making artificial efforts to give them substance. I believe in people being themselves and following their hearts towards whatever destiny lies before them.
The article is funny. I wonder what his wife says.

Update: A reader claims that his wife is Liz Jones, and her story is here. It may be more than you want to know.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot or not

Cast your vote here:
Hi, I live in the Santa Cruz mountains. I like my job, adventures, kids, and intelligent women. I have a PhD in Math and I can discuss many other subjects. I am fit, educated, healthy, addiction-free, sane, divorced, debt-free, and available.