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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Advice from an ex

A woman whom I dated for a couple of months early this year just contacted me to tell me all the things that she had done for me. Among other things, she said that she researched Alzheimers disease for me, and rescued me from what could have been a bad diagnosis!

It seems that someone made a wisecrack about smoking dope to treat Alzheimers, and she remembered noticing how my eyes were dilated on our first date. Furthermore, she was surprised when I told her that I didn't get a second medical opinion when I broke my leg last year. So she figured that I had gotten a faulty Alzheimers diagnosis and she was encouraging me to get a second opinion. She found a couple of articles saying that Alzheimers can only be reliably diagnosed by an autopsy.

Then she wanted credit for warning me about how other women might take advantage of me. There are a lot of loose women out there, she said, and some of them will just use me for sex. Okay, thanks for the warning.

Update: She reads this blog and she complains that she feels like I minimized our relationship, and poked fun of what she had to say. She also says that I misrepresented things so badly that now she thinks that maybe I do have Alzheimers!