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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Running over with a Mercedes

I just went on a blind date with a woman. She seemed nice, except when brought up the story of Clara Harris who was convicted of running over and killing her husband with a Mercedes a couple of years ago.

My date said that she would not have been able to serve on the jury at the trial. She said that she felt like running over her husband when he ditched her for a much younger girlfriend, and she could understand backing up and running over him repeatedly. She said that the therapist assured her that the affair would not last, and the therapist was right, but she still couldn't vote to convict Clara Harris.

Why was she telling me this? Was she trying to alienate me?!

Actually, she appeared to have a quite good relationship with her ex-husband, and they cooperate very well in the rearing of their two kids. I am always impressed when people are able to get along with their ex-spouses.

Friday, September 16, 2005

New lesbian chic

A Phoenix story on a new trend:
Sincero didn't think she was a lesbian. A former punk rocker with a little-noticed novel under her belt, she was in her late 30s. She'd always liked men. She still did. And yet there she was: "All of a sudden, I found myself with an incredible woman who got it and me, and the sex was hot as hell," she'd later write. "And before I knew it I was in a relationship."

There weren't any books on that.

So she wrote one herself.

Sincero used to be an advertising copywriter, so the title was the easy part: The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks. Solely on the strength of its catchiness, she sold the book to Simon & Schuster. She had yet to write even the opening sentence.

But write it she did, and fortunately for Sincero, the finished book tapped an Important Generational Trend. ...

The Straight Girl's Guide made it to number 7 on the Los Angeles Times best-seller list. Sincero's Web site started getting 8,500 hits a day. And Sincero began teaching workshops to girls who want to learn more, including one next week at Phoenix's MADE Art Boutique. The workshops almost always sell out.
We've had them here at the local university for a few years. Some people call them Lesbians Until Graduation (LUG).

A new government survey says:
About 4 percent of men and women described themselves as homosexual or bisexual, but in a finding that surprised the researchers, 14 percent of the women aged 18 to 29 reported at least one homosexual experience, more than twice the proportion for young men.
It also reported high oral sex figures for young people. The study is available at

Friday, September 09, 2005

Knocked-up slut seeks Mr. Right

I found this local personal ad:
beautiful girl seeking a real man - 23 (santa cruz)
Date: 2005-09-07, 9:04PM PDT

I'm looking for a nice honest intelligent stable and funny guy to get to know and possibley settle down with. That;'s pretty much standard right? but for me it has been hard to come by in this town. I am 23 years old. I am collge educated and have a job working with a disabled child. I am a deep thinker, i am emotional, commpasionate, shy but very silly and cute, love to dance, am into finding meaning and peace in life and much more. I had my share of wild partying in my younger days but have settled dowm a bit. I still wenjoy dancing and going out on the town occasionally but am no longer such a wild child. I want someone whom I can trust, who makes me feel loved and safe, someone who I can snuggle up on the couvh and kiss and watch a good movie with. As for my looks, I am blonde, petite, have a few freckles on my face and have hazel eyes. I'm pretty cute. And something important you should also know about me is that I am currently pregnant (5 months) but I am completely single. I know this fact will scare away a good majoprity of potential dates but maybe there are a few guys out there who won't mind. Well, contact me if you are interested and I will send you a pic.
This is sad. This is a college educated girl, and she thinks that she is just asking for what is "standard". Her feminist teachers have told her that she can have it all, and reality is soon going to come crashing down.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bad advice from Dear Abby

Dear Abby gives bad advice. Today's letter says:
DEAR ABBY: My husband, "Justin," and I have been together 12 years, married for five. We get along well, except for one thing, his so-called "jokes."

Rather than coming out and saying I've done something that bothers him, Justin will make a sarcastic comment, then insist he's "just kidding." If I forget to turn off a light, he'll say something like, "So, you're trying to make sure the electric company doesn't go out of business -- right?" ...

How can I get through to him that what he's doing isn't "joking"; it's avoiding accountability for his comments? -- NOT AMUSED IN VERMONT
If that is her biggest complaint, then they have a great marriage. I would tell her to be grateful for what she has. Dear Abby says that he has an incurable passive aggression condition, and recommends counseling.

Another letter from a 13-year-old boy complains about her mother's boyfriend. The boy doesn't even live with his mother, but he says:
I need help to get her to leave this guy because mental abuse leaves a scar on your life that causes you to hate and fear others.
I would tell the kid to mind his own business. Someone is putting meddlesome ideas in his head. Dear Abby suggests calling a domestic violence hotline.