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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When to ask for a date

Ever try to figure out why a women rejected your advances? Forget it. You will never learn the reasons, and if you did, they would make no sense to you. But here is some news you can use:
Women off the pill accepted offers twice as often as women on the pill (5.8% as opposed to 12%), perhaps a reflection of the likelihood that women on the pill are more likely to have men in their lives than women not taking birth control.

A more interesting trend emerged when Gu├ęguen analysed the data according to a women's fertility. Among women off the pill, those in their fertile phase accepted 21.7% of advances, while women in the midst of their periods gave out their numbers to just 7.8 % of men, a significant statistical difference that did not exist for women on the pill.
So if you get rejected, figure that she may be on her period, and try again two weeks later.